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Boost ROI, slash

costs, & save time

with automation

A new & smarter way to produce, distribute & publish ads across online media, social media & DOOH with full automation


Trusted by leading global brands

Case Study for the Icelandic Premier League

We are now promoting every single game of the season on all platforms with beautiful ads that look as if they are designed by an ad agency.

You can just imagine the time, effort and cost that we save. But at the same time we are able to reach more of our target audience than ever before.

Bjorn Ingason, Marketing Manager ÍTF

Case Study


Our automation tool in action

See live demo of our automation tool generation DOOH banners for the English Premier League.

The billboard should be automatically showing games that are scheduled to be played within 10 days

NOTE!  Press the RELOAD button below the billboard to see more games generated

Live Demo

Social Media content automated

Social media content for clubs and leagues is incredibly important when building and engaging a loyal fan base, driving fan enthusiasm and support.  Púls Media's automation platform can generate all game-, results-, and fixture-related content. 

We love integrations

That's why we have built the Púls platform so that various parts of it can be connected to many of the coolest technological solutions on the market. Statistics, dynamic data connections or direct integration to Meta's dynamic feeds, Smartly and more, the choice is yours.

Google Data Studio


Get the Púls statistics directly into Google Data Studio.



Create a SmartBanner Catalog with a connection to the Shopify online store



Púls SmartBanner plugged into the Smartly software



Create a SmartBanner Catalogue with a connection to WooCommerce



Púls SmartBanners plugged into Meta Ads, Facebook and Instagram

Opta by StatsPerform


Connect your SmartBanner to live data from the leading stats-provider in the industry.


The Ad manager

Our intuitive management interface allows you to manage ads, campaigns, and catalogues with ease. You can create unlimited amount of SmartBanners and control their content with product rules, dates,  hours within days or even with weather information.

All stats like clicks, impressions, inscreens, scrolls and etc can be viewed with beautiful visualizations and filtered and compared by dates, publishers and even sizes.

Ad Manager

Want to know more?

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