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Fully automated display ads for the Icelandic Premier League (Besta deildin)

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

This spring, we worked on a fantastic project collaborating with the Icelandic Premier League (Besta deildin). Púls Media's ad-automation solutions are now used to generate most of the league's display ads, 100% automated, for local media, social media, and billboard ads.

The „Head to head“ banner

Púls Media's software will generate at least 4.200 "head to head" banners this summer. 525 matches in both the women's and men's leagues, in various sizes for online media, social media, bus billboards, and road billboards.

Our system is connected to the Icelandic Football Association (KSÍ), so the banners will update themselves automatically if a match is postponed because of International breaks or cup competitions. When the new Finals round in the men's competition starts in August and the Icelandic FA publishes the schedule, our system automatically generates new banners.

„The Head2head“ banner only gets impressions on local media if there are 5 days or less until the match begins.

The „Next matches“ banner

The "Next matches "banner is a side-scrollable banner in two versions (women's and men's), and it displays the next 20 matches, sorted by date. The banner updates automatically when a game is finished and is used in various sizes on local, online media.

The Landscape-version of the banner is designed in layers so that the content of the banner scrolls behind the player.(Give it a try if you're on desktop)

Social Media Assets

Employees at the Premier League have web access to our system where they can download and, if needed, regenerate Social Media assets for each game. In the following screenshots, a so-called Team-Logo banner that has been automatically generated by our system is used on Twitter by the Premier League (Besta deildin).

Our system generates the banners in various sizes for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and in the coming weeks' ads will be posted automatically in Instagram Stories and Facebook feeds.

Depending on the home team, billboard ads are generated automatically for certain city areas.

With the Púls Media software, we can generate banners for each team, automatically group them, and distribute them to the billboard partners for certain city parts depending on the home team. The screenshot below shows a rule set to group only home matches for KR (located on the west side of Reykjavík). Therefore, this billboard ad will only display KR home matches on billboards located on the west side of Reykjavík.

Nest steps

In the coming weeks, we'll continue working on automating media content and ads for the Icelandic Premier League, mainly connected to stats, results, and matches.

Book a meeting with us to see if our solutions can help your business.

Helgi Pjetur

CEO @ Púls Media

tel. +354 664-2222



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